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Instytut zaprasza na sympozjum zatytułowane "Between Egypt and India; the Maritime Spice Route, its Research and Popularization as a Factor in Scientific and Economic Development".

Sympozjum odbędzie się 26 maja 2023 r. w Sali Staszica w Pałacu Staszica.


10.00am to 10.20am Powitanie i otwarcie sympozjum.

10.20am to 11.00am – "A Tale of a Time when Man’s faith was ruled by Monsoons; a Maritime Trade Route in the peak of Indo-Roman Trade” – Joanna K. Rądkowska, M.A.

11.00am to 11.40am – “Ancient Roots of Endangered Heritage; Performing Arts, Traditions and Rituals of Kerala” Krzysztof Gutowski, M.A.

11.40am to 12.20pm "Past and Future Research and Education Center in Pattanam vs. practical possibilities of using an archaeological work.” – Marek A. Wozniak, PhD.

12.20pm to 13.00pm Dyskusja i poczęstunek.

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