Seminaria archeologiczne IKŚiO PAN

Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w kolejnym Seminarium Archeologicznym IKŚIO PAN.  Wojciech Ejsmond, adiunkt w IKŚIO PAN, zaprezentuje wykład pt. "Archaeological Landscape of Gebelein in Egypt. An overview of the history and the site topography based on the field and archival surveys, focusing especially on the religious and funerary landscapes"

W. Ejsmont


Semianrium odbędzie się za pomocą platformy MS Teams, we wtorek 9.11.201 o godz. 14.30.

Link do spotkania jest dostępny pod adresem: 

During his talk, Dr Wojciech Ejsmond will present an overview of the history and archaeological topography of Gebelein in southern Egypt, in the light of results from his ongoing field and archival surveys, focusing especially on the religious and funerary landscapes. Gebelein has been excavated since 1884 by more than 14 official archaeological projects as well as several illegal digs unearthing the remains from the Predynastic Period to the Medieval Times. The architectural remains, for the most part undocumented, are now destroyed or even lost, while the artefacts are distributed among over a dozen museums across the world. Also, the topography of Gebelein was only poorly described by previous scholars, which is a critical lacuna significantly limiting our understanding of the area. Therefore, the Gebelein Archaeological Project (GAP) has been initiated in 2013 to address this gap.
The project is aiming at bringing together all the existing and dispersed data as well as reconstructing the forgotten history of the site, its meaning and its place in the history of Egypt. The works of the GAP have included archive and museum queries as well as field prospection within the Gebelein micro-region. Several archaeological sites were surveyed, bringing to light numerous hitherto unknown features. Studying the publications of the previous archaeological missions, as well as various unpublished archival materials, enabled locating undocumented monuments, such as the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period tombs. In some cases, their forms and furnishing were possible to be reconstructed, thus retelling the stories of their owners and the community inhabiting this area from the Predynastic to Greco-Roman Period.



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