Conference program

We hereby invite you to check and download the program of the 1st National Scientific Conference EGYPT YESTERDAY AND TODAY. Between Tradition and Modernity which will be held on 27-28.11.2017 at University of Warsaw.

Conference Paper Abstracts

Ist edition entitled


Between Tradition and Modernity


1.    An Egyptian Mosque of the Latest Times in Egypt, Europe, Asia, and America

       - prof. Swietłana Czerwonnaja 

2.    Picturesque Egyptian cinema (based on film adaptations)

       - prof. Ewa Machut-Mendecka

3.    Queen`s marriage with god

       - prof. Karol Myśliwiec

4.    The beginning of Druze movement (XIth century) based on the Muslim chronicles

       - prof. Katarzyna Pachniak

5.    Egypt in accounts of Herodotus of Halicarnassus

       - prof. UŚ Anna Kucz i Edyta Gryksa, Ph.D.

6.   The Major Five – Study of the beginnings of western classical music in Egypt

       - Agnieszka Marucha, post-doctoral degree

7.    Past and present in Dālīā Basyūnī’s theatre play entitled Sūlītīr (Solitaire)

       - Sebastian Gadomski, Ph.D.

8.    Sad fate of Egyptian temples on the example of Theban buildings of Queen Hatshepsut

       - Jadwiga Iwaszczuk, Ph.D.

9.    Egypt yesterday and today in Yūsuf Zaydān’s novels

       - Magdalena Kubarek, Ph.D.

10.  Ar-Riḥla in the service of An-Nahḍa. Kitāb taẖlīṣ al-ibrīz fī talẖīṣ Bārīz Rifāʻa aṭ-Ṭahṭāwī

       - Magdalena Lewicka, Ph.D.

11.  Relations between Poland and Egypt in a historical perspective. The first 25 years.

       - Michał Lipa, Ph.D.

12. The house of the family Qurashi and its equipment (19th-1st half of 20th century, Old Qasr Town in Dakhla Oasis)

      - Anetta Łyzwa-Piber, Ph.D.

13.  Traditional and modern narrative strategies in autobiographical works by Raḍwā ʿĀšūr

      - Adrianna Maśko, Ph.D.

14.  "A Very Egyptian Thinker". Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd (1943–2010) and His Approach to the Concept of Historicity (tā’rīkhiyya)

       - Michał Moch, Ph.D.

15.  Between Admiration and Contempt – Annalistic Descriptions of Egyptians from the Time of Conquest

       - Magdalena Pinker, Ph.D.

16.  Ancient and modern Egyptian traditions of preparing a bread

       - Teodozja Rzeuska, Ph.D.

17.  Methods of revolution and forms of power in Egypt 2012

       - Mohammed Algaim, MA

18. Multidimensional aspects of Coptic Identity against the background of undergoing transformations in Egypt in 20th and 21st centuries

      - Małgorzata Al-Shahari, MA

19.  Do schools in Egypt ensure a relevant environment for student's learning and development? Analysis of the data from international comparative assessments of students’ achievement and Egyptian education policies

      - Małgorzata Davies, MA

20.  Why Egypt ended up in Cleopatra? - the presence of Egypt in pop culture

       - Malwina Wojtala, MA

21.  „We`re the sons of the Pharaohs and we`re proud to be Egyptians” – Taking pride in history as a crucial element of shaping Egyptians’ identity on the basis of selected songs and video clips from 2011-2016

       - Edyta Wolny, MA

22.  Arabic personal names of geographical origin, belonging to authors and copyists of manuscripts in Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣriyyat

      - Bogusław R. Zagórski, MA

23.  Inspirations of Egyptian art in sculpture of first half of XX century

       - Agnieszka Żuber, BA

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