Islamic Archaeology Research Unit

Dr. Karol Juchniewicz (email: )


Dr. Agnieszka Lic

Dr. Maciej G. Witkowski

Dr. Urszula Iwaszczuk

Phone no.: (22) 657 27 34
Room: 313


ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY RESEARCH UNIT is a centre for research and studies on the material culture of the Islamic world. It was created in the Department of the Islamic Civilization and aims to develop the field through the implementation of selected studies related to the archaeology, art, history of architecture and ethnoarchaeology of the main areas of the Muslim world - Arabia, Levant, Central Asia and Africa in various periods – from late pre-Islamic period and early Islam up to the modern era.

Research topics:
• Archaeology of Arabia and the Levant in the pre-Islamic and early-Islamic periods.
• Bahr Al Qulzum - archaeology of the Red Sea basin in the early-Islamic period.
• Archaeology of Muslim Egypt.
• Archaeology of the Crusades - defensive architecture and local settlement in the Middle East during the Crusades.
• Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire - research on local palaces and mansions in the Lebanon Mountains and ethno-archaeological research on ceramics and crafts.
• Urban planning, topography, iconography and toponymy of settlement in Islamic countries.

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