The collection

The collection of the Division of Research Documentation of IMOC PAS consists of source materials, as well as descriptive, photographic and technical documentation. This documentation is a result of research activity conducted by the employees of the Institute participating in Polish field work in the Mediterranean Sea Basin at the following sites:

Alexandria 1960-1995
Tell Atrib 1957-1963, 1968-1969, 1979-1995
Deir el-Bahari 1961/1962-1992
Saqqara 1987, 1996-2007

Faras 1961-1964
Dongola 1964-1995

Nea Paphos 1965-1993

Palmyra 1959-1981

Former Soviet Union
Myrmekion 1956-1958

Bijan 1979-1983
Nimrud 1974-1976

Descriptive documentation consists of materials from excavations: diaries, reports for archaeological institutions of the countries where excavations are conducted, field and item inventories, artefact records, copies of excavation reports for publications of the Institute (Études et Travaux), press releases, descriptions of negatives and others.

Photographic documentation consists of: black-and-white negatives, photographs and negatives of architectural plans and drawings, big and small black-and-white contact prints, big and small colour contact prints, slides and excavation photograph catalogue.

Technical documentation consists of: architectural plans, framed and non-framed, carbon paper drawings and whiteprints.

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