Department of Islamic Civilization
Main research areas:

Islamic civilization in the aspect of its transformations throughout the history and its relation to the civilization of the West.
Particular assignments are expected to undertake the research on the processes of religious rebirth in Islam, the notion of Muslim fundamentalism and its developmental concept, cultural conditionings of the Middle Eastern authoritarianism, and most of all, the perception of the West by the Islam, as well as intercultural contacts between both civilizations. Mutual relations between Islam and the West is being explored with reference to the Muslim environment of immigrants in the West, where interpretational doctrines of Islam, important for the whole Muslim civilization, are being born. The activity in that section also encompasses scientific research on the Great Emir Qurqumas cult and tomb complex, based on the works of the Polish archaeological-conservatory mission in the Mamluk necropolis of Cairo.


Parts of Department:

Centre of Middle Eastern Studies

Islamic Archaeology Research Unit



Michał Moch, Dr habil., Professor of the Institute (Associate Professor)


Natalia Bahlawan, PhD

Bogumiła Hall, PhD

Anetta Łyżwa-Piber, PhD 

Urszula Iwaszczuk, PhD

Maciej Grzegorz Witkowski, PhD

Edyta Wolny-Abouelwafa PhD

Mahnaz Zahirinejad, PhD

Karolina Nabożna, MA

Agata Wójcik, MA

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