Research Staff


Dr. Heidi Koepp Junk with a predynstic vesselResearcher in the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures since 2020.


department: Department of Ancient Egyptian and Near East Cultures / Centre for the Research on the Egyptian Temple


Specialization and research interests:

Travel, mobility, carrying chairs, wagons, carts, and chariots in ancient Egypt, as well as dewatering systems, music archaeology, pottery mainly of the Predynastic, Early Dynastic Period and the Old Kingdom, and temples/shrines/sanctuaries; experimental archaeology. 


Academic activity:

Dr. Heidi Köpp-Junk is an Egyptologist, Archaeologist and Music Archaeologist. She studied Egyptology, Prehistory and Ethnology at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen and got her Ph.D. with the thesis “Travel in Pharaonic Egypt” (supervisors: Prof. Dr. F. Junge; Prof. Dr. G. Dreyer (First Director of the German Archaeological Institute Cairo)). Since that she worked at the universities of Göttingen, Münster, Trier and Tübingen and for different museums and exhibitions (British Museum London, Roemer and Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim, Federal State Museum for Prehistory Halle/Saale, World Cultural Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte, Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art Luxembourg; Georg-August University Göttingen). She has been excavating in Germany (Glauberg, Northeim, Einbeck) and in Egypt (Dahshur (Pyramid temple of the Red Pyramid of Seneferu), Elephantine (small finds of the Early Dynastic Satet Temple), Buto (Predynastic and New Kingdom/Late Period pottery), Sakkara (tomb of Ninetjer), Qantir (New Kingdom pottery), Abydos (tomb of Khasekhemui), Athribis Temple (water systems) for several institutions like the German Archaeological Institute Cairo (DAI). She is participant in the working group “Conflict and Innovation” of the Research Cluster 2 “Innovations: technological, social” of the German Archaeological Institute and member of the Research Cluster 2 “Innovations: technological, social: Water” of the German Archaeological Institute.
Since December 2020, she is working as an Assistant Professor in Egyptian Archaeology at the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, section Egyptian Temples, Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw.

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