Research Staff


Researcher in the Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology PAS since 1981.


Specialization and research interests:

Nubiology, history and culture of the societies of the middle Nile Valley, methodology of the field research with the special focus of rescue research, religious architecture, burial customs.


Academic activity:

Participation in archeological field research (Poland) since 1970, in the valley of the Middle Nile continuously since 1984 (Dongola Reach Survey, Hambukol, Old Dongola, among others) Between 1998-2002 the head of the Joint Polish Archaeological Expedition to the valley of the Middle Nile (discovery of the Kushite temples in Sonijat, Hujeir Gubli and Usli among others). The results of the work done by the Joint Expedition was published in 2003 (cf. infra). Since 2002 till now the head of Polish Archaeological Mission in Banganarti. In 2004-2005 the head of Polish-Sudanese Mission on the Saffi Island (the area of the Fourth Nile cataract) as well as of the Polish-British Archaeological Mission in Dar El Arab (the area of the Fourth Nile cataract). From  2005 to 2009 the head of the Polish Archaeological Rescue Mission in the area of the Fourth cataract (Shemhia -Umm Saffaia).

From 2010 he has been in charge of the Department of African Cultures at the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures PAS. He participated in 29 congresses and international conferences; during the last three nubiologic congresses (Rome, Warsaw, London) he presented the main papers.

On the 12 March 1986 the Jury of the annual award founded by the “Razem”(“Together”) periodical, gave Dr. Bogdan Żurawski, as an author of the books published by the National Publishing Agency (KAW); the 1985 award for his contribution into popularization of historical knowledge.

On the 26 October 1997, Dr. Bogdan Żurawski was awarded a diploma for winning the TV program contest “Nobel dla Polaka’, (“Nobel for a Polish”) by the Scientific Research Committee and Educational Television TVP.

On the 20 March 2003, the Polish Foundation for Science and the Society for the Promotion and Propagation of Sciences handed out to Dr. Żurawski Professor Hugon Steinhaus Honorary Award for an outstanding achievement in the popularization of the Polish archaeological discoveries in the press, radio and television.

Dr. Bogdan Żurawski received a medal from the hands of the Director of the Sudanese Antiquities Service for the deserts in saving the cultural heritage. He was also awarded by the Dongola authorities (Mejlis) a diploma for the research on the past of the region.



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