Research Staff

DR HAB. BARBARA TKACZOWResearcher in the Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology PAS since 1968


Specialization and research interests:

Archaeology and topography of ancient Alexandria; architecture and architectural decoration of ancient Alexandria in the context of Greco-Roman Egypt and neighbouring countries.


Academic activity:

From the beginning of her employment in RCMA PAS she was responsible for the archives of the archaeological documentation from the Polish excavation sites in the Middle East gathered by the Center. That documentation includes reports, excavation journals, inventories of findings, negatives, photographic documentation cards, plans and drawings. Since 1974 Prof. Tkaczow took part in the excavations on Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria. Part of her responsibilities was to make an inventory of the stone artifacts (elements of the architectural decorations, opus sectile elements, vessels) as well as fragments of painted plaster.

Popularization activity: 1) participation in the preparation of numerous exhibitions and TV movies popularizing Polish excavations in the Middle East 2) participation (as an expert) in “Wielka Gra” quiz show (1980-2000) – responsible for the topics connected with the history and culture of the ancient world; 3) popularization activities concerning history and archaeology of ancient Alexandria as well as history and culture of the Greco-Roman Egypt.



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