Research Staff

Researcher in the Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology PAS since 1973.


Specialization and research interests:

Numismatics and archaeology of Greco-Roman Egypt; minting and coin circulation in Cyprus during the Hellenic and Roman period; Alexandrian mint emissions during Roman and Early Byzantine period; iconography of deities and personification of abstract concepts in Roman Empire.


Academic activity:

Since 1979 prof. Lichocka has participated in the works of Polish archaeological missions in Egypt (Kom el-Dikka, Alexandria) and in Cyprus (Nea Paphos). Currently, as a numismatic specialist, she continues studies on coins found by those missions as well as other Polish missions working in Egypt: Marina el-Alamein, Marea, Naqlun as well as in Sudan (Old Dongola). She cooperated with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven mission on the sites in Shenhur and Deir el-Bersha in Egypt; she studied and prepared the publication of chosen coins found in Heraklion during research conducted by European Institute for the Underwater Archaeology (IEASM). In 2001-2004 she was in charge of a research project "The research on Late Roman coin production technology in Egypt.” At present she is preparing catalogues of coins found on Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria till 2006 and in Nea Paphos (up to 2010).

B. Lichocka was a member of Academic Council of the Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology PAS; between 1999-2010 she was its secretary.
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