Research Staff

PROF KAROL MYSLIWIECProf. dr hab., Member of the Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology PAS since 1980 r. Director of the Center between 1982-2010. Director of the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures PAS between 2011-2015.


tel. (22) 657 28 90

Specialization and research interests:
Archaeology of Pharaonic Egypt with a special focus on arts and religion of the Old Kingdom, New Kingdom and Late Period (including Ptolemaic period).

Academic activity:
Between 1969-80, with intermissions, he resided in Egypt where he took part in various Polish and foreign excavation works (Alexandria, Deir el-Bahari, Gurna –Pharaoh Seti I temple, Minshat Abu Omar, among others). He also participated in the excavations in Syria (Palmyra), Sudan (Kadero) and on Cyprus (Nea Paphos).

In 1985-1995 he was in charge of the Polish-Egyptian rescue excavation at Tell Atrib. From 1987 till now he has been conducting research in Saqqara. Some results of these excavations have already been published in subsequent volumes of the series “Sakkara”and in articles.

Prof. Mysliwiec’s bibliography encompasses over 300 works, including 15 books – 3 of them of popular character: Święte znaki Egiptu (The Sacred Signs of Egypt), Pan Obydwu Krajów (The Lord of Both Countries) and Eros nad Nilem (Eros on the Nile), the two latter also published abroad in English and German.

K. Mysliwiec was professor of Egyptian archaeology at the Jagiellonian University as well as University of Warsaw, where he was in charge of the Department of Egyptian Archaeology between 1990-2003. His didactic activity is complemented by five semesters of lecturing at the Vienna University as a “visiting professor” between 1987 and 2005.

He received a title of the associate professor in 1987 followed by the full professor title in 1996. In 2004 he became a correspondent member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and in 2010 - a foreign member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Mysliwiec is a member of three PAS scientific committees: The Committee of Pro- and Protohistoric Sciences, the Committee for Research on Antique Culture and the Committee of Oriental Sciences, as well as member of few scientific councils, including scientific council of the Center  of Mediterranean Archaeology UW.

He was a Polish representative in the International Association of Egyptologists. Since 1982 he is a correspondent member of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin.

He delivered a number of lectures in renowned scientific institutions of approximately 30 countries: from Japan and Australia to Chile, USA and Canada.

Since 2010 he is in charge of the Department of Egyptology in the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures PAS.

In 2011 Prime Minister awarded prof. Karol Myśliwiec for his outstanding scientific achievements and in 2012 President of Poland decorated him with the Commandor’s Cross of the Order “Polonia Restituta”.



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