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An international conference Decoration of Hellenistic and Roman buildings in Cyprus. Residences at Nea Paphos and other cities of the region, on 10th-11th March 2017 began the cycle of meetings devoted to Nea Paphos – Polish excavations of residential quarter of the ancient city. organized by Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), in collaboration with Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of  Warsaw and the Foundation “Artibus Mundi.” 
21 Papers read and 5 posters presented were devoted to architecture and decoration of residential buildings as well as various aspects of public structures found in  Nea Paphos and several other cities, including ones outside Cyprus. An important supplement  was provided by presentations of tomb painted decoration, which undoubtedly reflect embellishments of houses of contemporary living.
Conference proceedings will be published in Open Access at first place. The participants are kindly requested to submit final version of their papers best before end of April 2017.

The conference has been financed from funds  granted by Minister of Science and Higher Education for disseminating and promoting scientific or technological, in scope of an agreement 660/P-DUN/2016.

The proceedings were documented by photographs of Waldemar Jerke, who has kindly  made them available to the Institute.
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