Nowości kwiecień 2018

Nowości kwiecień 2018 / New books April 2018


Proceedings of the Fifth Day for Nubian Studies, edited by Eugenio Fantusati and Marco Baldi, 14233 / 27a

Matter of faith : an interdisciplinary study of relics and relic veneration in the medieval period / ed. by James Robinson and Lloyd de Beer ; with Anna Harnden, 14234 / 42d

Trade in the ancient Sahara and beyond /edited by D. J. Mattingly, V. Leitch, C. N. Duckworth, A Cuénod, M. Sterry, F. Cole, 14235 / 27b

Egan, Geoff, The Medieval Household : Daily Living c. 1150-c. 1450, 14238 / 7e

The Sudan Handbook, by John Ryle, Justin Willis, Suliman Baldo, and Jok Madut Jok (Red.), 14237 / 27b

Goetz Hans-Werner, Life in the Middle Ages: From the Seventh to the Thirteenth Century, 14236 / 7e

Archeologia Żywa, 2 / 2018, P.192 / H.3

Alexandria under the Mediterranean : archaeological studies in memory of Honor Frost,edited by Georges Soukiassian, 14239 / 54b

Deux regards ottomans sur Alexandrie : Piri Re'is, Evliya Çelebi textes établis et traduits par Jean-Louis Bacqué-Grammont, commentés en collaboration avec Michel Tuchscherer, 14240 / 54b

Mighty kingdoms and their forts : the role of fortified sites in the fall of Meroe and rise of medieval realms in Upper Nubia, Mariusz Drzewiecki ; translation: Barbara Majchrzak ; Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures Polish Academy of Sciences, 14242 / B.4

Białostocka, Olga, Temples of Millions of Years in Light of Older Architectural Models. Hatshepsut`s dsr-dsrw as the Temple of Rebirth of the Divine k (w ramach serii: Deir el-Bahari 8), 14241, B.4

Pomocnik Historyczny: bezpłatny dodatek tygodnika "Polityka", 3 / 2018, P. 571 / H.4

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